01 maio 2011

Two Doves - Dirty Projectors

Quem assistiu aos melhores momentos do casamento real pelo GNT, ouviu uma música lindinha e super cool no final da edição. Se você, como eu, queria saber qual a música, saiba que eu descobri! Como? Via SoundHound! E agora posto a letra e o vídeo aqui no blog pra vocês.

Two Doves
Dirty Projectors

Geranium kisser
Skin like silk and face like glass
Don't confront me with my failures
Kiss me with your mouth open
For your love, better than wine
For your cologne is really fragrant
Call on me, call on me, call on me

Your hair is like an eagle

Your two eyes are like two doves
But our bed is like a failure
All day up in the family
At the waning of the light
To the chamber that conceived me
Call on me, call on me, call on me

Geranium killer

Throat of soil of and mind like stone
Please don't defend a silver lining
Around the halo of what is already shining
When all the planets are aligning
For an afternoon that's never ending
Call on me, call on me, call on me 

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